Carol Cabrera

Apr 2

Top 10 Social Media-Savy Universities

Many high school students are currently trying to figure out where they will attend school for the next four years. Visiting these potential schools and looking at their websites. Out of the thousand universities the schools need to find a way to stand out. Recently there has been a study and these 10 universities have been successful at marketing and communication with students. The top five consist of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, and Stanford University. The last one on the list was the University of Texas after looking at their website and then their Facebook I noticed all the Facebook pages they had which were great. They had a page for ex-students, future students, and current student’s links were easily visible. These 10 universities are working intensely to get their names out there and getting students excited about potentially attending these schools. Allowing easy access to things like the history of the University and updates on their research programs all on one social media site get people more informed and raises interest. The audience loves interaction and these 10 universities are definitely doing a great job it is not a surprise that many of these schools are top tier schools.


(Source: Mashable)