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Mar 4

Should Google Be Regulated?

SearchEverywhere we look there are a ton of advertisements. It used to be at a point where I could ignore them or just not even pay attention to them. Now websites have pop-ups where we physically have to exit out of them in order to continue watching a movie or wait 60 seconds to get back to the program even on programs like Hulu Plus. Advertisements that appear now are catered to your interest and other shopping styles. The Internet and different programs have now accumulated information in order for these advertisements to be catered to you. The real question now is where do we draw the line on how much information can be compiled by these websites. Are we going to get more of our privacy taken away, how long do they keep this information? There has been a meeting between the White House and the Digital Advertising Alliance where they have deciding more details on the privacy online. Groups on the actual alliance include Google and Microsoft and it is said they believe in a self-regulated approach. This discussion is sure one that will need to get followed up.