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Groupon Additions

In the current Valentines Day season Groupon has added a new addition to the website in hopes that they can better serve their users. They have started by adding the thumbs up and down icon allowing users to interact and express how they feel about coupons. Also they are adding new categories by season so back to school and other categories will soon pop up. They tested it with Valentines day being front and center of the website. Their goal is for in six months the website will experience a complete transformation. Many of the current employees are responsible for the changes with their opinions and visions. Even with the changes the stocks for Groupon have gone down by two cents a share. Another different thing they have done is hire local artist and photographers to take pictures of the places and things they have coupons for. It gives the users a better idea of what the actual place or service might look like better than a general picture. They are really trying to appeal to the users, which is great. I have found myself on Gropupon and LivingSocial and constantly comment on the fact that they don’t have images that reflect the actual service or place. I don’t want to see a generalized wiki photo, but people actually enjoying the activity. I’m looking forward to the new website and added features. I am on this website, but did lose interest because of the lack of personalization so I am hoping this changes now.  Groupon